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The superdelegate dam is breaking

So far this week, Barack Obama has been endorsed by 13 previously uncommitted superdelegates and picked up two switchers who had previously endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Why does the U.S. overthrow regimes in other countries?

How does the United States come to arrogate to itself the right and the need to overthrow the governments of countries that have not attacked ours? Read more… By Eric Black 

How you’ve been misled on teen driving fatalities

By Eric Black | Friday, May 2, 2008 An utterly misleading statistic — that Minnesota has the highest teen fatality rate from motor vehicle crashes in the nation — has been spreading virally in the Minnesota news media and on the floor of the Legislat

Will democracy ever come to Iraq?

Larry Diamond, a political scientist who specializes in the issue of spreading democracy around the world, said in Minneapolis Tuesday that the Bush administration’s effort to democratize Iraq was a “catastrophe” that has “discredited” the whole cau

DFL insiders say Franken’s OK … for now

Analysis by Eric Black | Wednesday, April 30, 2008 DFL insiders say that Al Franken has made blunders but generally agree his tax problems do not put him in immediate danger of being forced from the U.S. Senate race.

Superdelegate race: latest tallies and what’s ahead

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton celebrated her victory in the Pennsylvania primary by announcing a new superdelegate in her camp. U.S. Rep. (and superdelegate) John Tanner of Tenn. Said he would support her for the Dem nomination. Read more…