Electrolux Design Lab highlights space-saving designs for homes of the future

According to an Electrolux brief, by the year 2050, the Earth will be so overpopulated that individuals will only be able to occupy 35.2 square meters (approximately 380 square feet) of space.

As Charlie Sorrel at Wired Gadget Lab describes, “our homes [will be] so tiny that they [will be] more like storage closets for humans…even finding space for food could prove tricky.”

This year’s annual Electrolux Design Lab contest challenged 1,300 industrial designers to invent home appliances for the future.

Click here to read Sorrel’s blog post and view the Design Lab gallery of strange futuristic appliances.

What home innovations or inventions do you wish existed (aside from a robot that folds laundry, mows the lawn, and does pretty much everything for you)? Share your crazy-cool ideas in the comments section below.

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