New plugin prevents drunk posting on Facebook, Twitter

First, there was drunk dialing. Then drunk texting and IM-ing. Now, there’s drunk tweeting and Facebook posting. 

Whatever the communication medium, young people will find a way to screw it up by doing it drunk.

To be sure, the problem of drunk Facebook posting could easily be remedied by not getting sloshed on a regular basis.

But since many of our peers are unwilling to, you know, act responsibly, an external fix has been invented: the Social Media Sobriety Test.

According to an NDTV Profit article published by the Daily Mirror, Webroot Software has invented a sobriety test that requires users of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube or Tumblr to go through a series of online coordination tests before granting service access.

When visiting these social media sites between specified hours, users will have to perform tasks — following a finger drifting around the screen with your mouse, typing the alphabet backwards — in order to log in.

Read the full story from NDTV at the Daily Mirror.

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