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Revenge of the nerds — new study finds top-paying professions are engineering, computer science

We always knew the geeks would have their day. In fact, they’ll have an entire era.

This is the digital age, and computer nerds rule.

A new Wall Street Journal study confirms that techies are coming out on top — at least in payscales.

Joe Light, writing for the Wall Street Journal’s Career section, reveals that graduates in the fields of engineering and computer science earn starting pay well above liberal arts graduates. According to Light, the pay advantage of graduates with technical degrees often persists throughout their careers.

Techies even have an advantage in fields that are typically hotbeds for liberal arts majors.

Looks like the term “starving artist” isn’t going away any time soon.

For complete survey findings, read Light’s Career Journal at the Wall Street Journal online.

Were professional payscales a factor in your choice of college major or postgraduate study? Tell us in the comment section below.

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