Women aren’t any more fiscally impaired than men, so why all the financial chick lit?

Tracy Clark-Flory, in Salon’s Broadsheet column, notes an up-tick in financial how-to books geared specifically for women, with the apparent requisite pink covers. Clark-Flory quotes the Washington Post’s Hannah Seligson disputing the cliche of the fiscally-challenged female:

The real disparity here is that more women believe they are fiscally-challenged. “The authors of women-focused financial books capitalize on and reinforce these insecurities and perpetuate stereotypes about women and money with their ‘girl, get a clue’ tone; their covers and titles that imply we are all out-of-control spenders on shoes and clothes; and their tendency to put financial concepts in the language of dieting and weight,” writes Seligson.

Read the rest of Why we don’t need financial chick lit at Salon’s Broadsheet.

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