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YPN5Q: Bridget Ulrich


YPN5Q is a weekly Q&A series spotlighting the state’s top young business and civic leaders and creative minds — professionals propelling change through entrepreneurship, the arts, public service, social media, and community involvement.

This week, we hear from Bridget Ulrich, a development specialist at Hammer Residences, a nonprofit that provides quality services for adults and children with developmental disabilities — supporting and equipping community members with the skills and resources necessary for productive and independent living.

Outside of work, Ulrich serves on the boards of The LEAD Project and YNPN – Twin Cities and chairs the Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Group.

Bridget Ulrich
Courtesy of Bridget Ulrich
Bridget Ulrich

Name: Bridget Ulrich
Age: 26
Residence: Minneapolis
Current job title: Development and Communication Specialist
Current employer: Hammer Residences, Inc.

1. How would other people describe you — using only adjectives?
Ambitious, social, compassionate, strategic, energetic and charismatic.

2. What do you find most fulfilling about your career?
Challenges! Working in the nonprofit industry, with limited resources and staff, means every day brings a new challenge. For me, a challenge is the same thing as an opportunity because it allows me to constantly be learning, growing and improving.

3. How do you maintain balance in your life?
This is a huge struggle for me! I have a tendency to overload myself because I love being a part of new things. Lately, before taking on additional activities I ask myself two questions:

1. Can I give this my all?
2. Will it be a fun and rewarding experience?

Unless the answer to both questions is “yes,” I turn it down. This formula has really helped me to enjoy the extra things I do instead of feeling burdened with extra work.

4. What do you know now that you wish you knew 10 years ago?
Try to live life fearlessly. The best experiences in life come when you step out of your comfort zone. Some of my most rewarding accomplishments, best friends and favorite memories have stemmed from situations that were initially intimidating.

5. Which local professionals do you admire most?
– Elizabeth Dehn, founder of Beauty Bets and By Elizabeth Dehn: Because she knows what she wants and goes after it.

– Rena Sarigianopoulos, KARE-11 News: Because she does so much good in our community by supporting local causes.

– Lan Freitag, president of The LEAD Project: Because I have seen her accomplish more in a day than most people do in a week.

– Diane Tran, founder of Minnesota Rising: Because she is helping to shape emerging leaders in Minneapolis.

– Lori Jacobwith, fundraising coach: Because she is the ultimate nonprofit guru.

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