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Why We Care

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota: Proud sponsor of Race & Health Equity

We won’t mince words: racism is a health crisis. The health inequities that exist today are a result of generations of racism and social and economic barriers that prevent so many people from having the opportunity to be healthy and valued.

Together with MinnPost, Blue Cross is committed to unpacking and dismantling the structures and systems that prevent so many people in our community from getting the access to health they so desperately need.

Blue Cross has long been committed to creating healthier communities, working to advance racial and health equity and enhance the vitality of our state. Whether through our advocacy efforts for more equitable policies and systems, or our investments supporting communities, we are staunchly focused on changing the mainstream narrative on health.

Editor’s note: While Blue Cross’ sponsorship supports the publication of Racial and Health Equity, Blue Cross does not review or influence the column’s content. This is in accordance with MinnPost’s editorial independence policy.

Connect with Blue Cross

Learn how you can make racial and health equity your business using tools such as the words matter: animated video series. It helps create a shared understanding of key words and terms to establish a foundational knowledge for advancing meaningful conversation, learning, and reflections around racial and health inequity.

Blue Cross has also built resources to meet people where they are at on racial and health equity. Whether that is for businesses at work, or individuals at home, these resources can help undo years of systemic racism and contribute to a more fair and just society by providing pathways to learn, reflect and change as organizations and as individuals.

Visit to find tools and resources about the impact of racism on health and the real cost of health inequities to us all.