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Community Voices

Minnesota’s opioid epidemic requires collaborative solutions

From time-delay safes and medication disposal units in pharmacies to public education efforts, CVS Pharmacies is taking action; we call on other private-sector entities, organizations and individuals to consider the ways they can help and get involved.

Rep. Phillips and Dem House colleagues stand up for clean water

Last week President Donald Trump tried to greenwash his record by claiming that he wants America to have “the cleanest water.” In reality, his administration has launched a relentless assault on Minnesota’s waters, outdoors and communities.

U.S. agriculture needs a 21st-century New Deal

We believe that if policymakers can envision a contemporary version of ideas in the original New Deal, a climate-friendly and socially just American agriculture is within reach.

Education support professionals deserve respect and fair wages

Parents have joined us because educator support professionals are the most racially diverse group of employees in the schools. We’re the role models for many students because we’re adults, professionals and we look like them.

Minnesota has plenty of land for solar development

Using the most conservative estimate of 10 acres per megawatt, it would require roughly 60,000 acres or about 94 square miles to achieve our state goal of 10 percent solar by 2030. This is about 0.1 percent of Minnesota’s entire land area.