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Community Voices

Minnesota must ensure that consumers benefit from Supreme Court ACA ruling

Minnesotans must urge the Department of Commerce, legislators, and our attorney general to keep an eye out to protect payments of nearly $385 million from the nationwide judgment for consumers — especially our most vulnerable Minnesotans on Medical Assistance and in MinnesotaCare. 

The case for Medicare for All has grown stronger than ever

The demand for health insurance company bailouts and news reports about a surge of pandemic-related applications for Medicaid and Minnesota Care programs reveal once again the chronic failures of our inefficient employer-based private health care system.

Is tear gas safe? Scientists don’t know.

The use of tear gases for crowd control is rampant, but there exists a significant gap in our knowledge about the effects of these chemicals on an individual’s health.

Dismantling the police, reimagining public safety

To achieve justice, we must get creative and learn from alternative systems past and present. Most of all, we must listen to the communities that have been most subject to militarized control and systemic neglect.

Police reform: Minnesota’s leaders need to think bigger

The governor has launched a human rights investigation into the MPD, but that does not go far enough. We also need a nonpartisan commission that specifically focuses on who we have leading our police departments.