Community Voices

Democracy under threat?

Research from three recent reports on the state of democracy around the world suggest that autocracy, in the form of right-wing populism, has developed into a credible threat to democracy.

Truth and consequences of the military transgender ban

Education matters, and I don’t want to see anyone who is academically qualified excluded from pursuing a college degree. This is even more the case when the underlying rationale is based on ignorance and bigotry.

Minnesotans should be wary of PolyMet project’s financials

The publicly released economics of this project indicate that should PolyMet actually be built, its skinny economics and poorly structured financial assurance agreement indicate problems for current and future Minnesotans.

4 ways to help teachers feel appreciated

While getting more teachers in the classroom, with initiatives like the Alternative Preparation Grant or the new streamlined tiered teacher licensure system, is great, we also need to support current teachers to stay.

On dead white men and the politics of Minnesota’s history

Detractors suggest that both the U of M faculty and Minnesota Historical Society were engaging in “revisionist” history. This phrase is a contradiction in terms that reveals how little the detractors know about the actual practice of history.