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American Heart Association recommends further restricting sugar in children's diets

Currently, the average American child aged 2 to 19 takes in about 80 grams of added sugar daily. The AHA recommends reducing this to 25.

Judith Eckerle, M.D. with a patient

Judith Eckerle, M.D.: Children adopted internationally or domestically need specialized care

In recent years, the number of international adoptions in the U.S. has dropped significantly; today parents looking to welcome nonbiological children into their families are increasingly turning to domestic adoption.

Obesity linked to 8 more types of cancer

Obesity linked to 8 more types of cancer

“The burden of cancer due to being overweight or obese is more extensive than what has been assumed,” said cancer-prevention specialist Dr. Graham Colditz.

People with Obamacare plans filled more prescriptions
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People with Obamacare plans filled more prescriptions, but had lower costs

People who got insurance through the health law were significantly more likely to get prescription medications than they were before.