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Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep linked to higher risk of death from heart disease in people with metabolic syndrome

People with metabolic syndrome were twice as likely to die from heart disease and stroke than people without it — if they also failed to get more than six hours of sleep.

Give children fresh fruit, not fruit juice

Give children whole fruit, not fruit juice, say pediatricians

Drinking fruit juice at a too-early age or in high amounts can contribute to diarrhea, poor nutrition and the development of dental caries. It may also raise the risk of obesity.

blood pressure check

Leaving segregated neighborhoods linked to lower blood pressure among blacks, study finds

For the study, participants were recruited from four urban areas: Minneapolis; Chicago; Birmingham, Ala.; and Oakland, Calif.

Tax break for high-alcohol wine sours health advocates
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Tax break for high-alcohol wine sours health advocates

The bill, which has strong bipartisan support and is sponsored in the House by Rep. Erik Paulsen, would cut taxes by 50 cents per gallon on wines with high alcohol content.