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Aedes aegypti

Mosquito 'disease danger days' rise across U.S., including in Minnesota

The primary mosquito vector in Minnesota is Culex tarsalis. Duluth has 24 more days of “disease danger days” than in it did in 1970, while Minneapolis-St. Paul has 18 more days and Mankato has 17. 

Doctors prescribe fewer opioids after receiving a letter about a patient's overdose death, study finds

The opioid epidemic now raging across the U.S. — which has claimed more than 350,000 lives since 1999 — is being driven by the use of both prescription and illicit opioids. 

State Fair

Daylong State Fair event on Aug. 27 aims to normalize conversation about mental health

“We want this to be an uplifting, uniting experience. Everyone has mental health, good or bad. We want to focus on promoting good mental health," said Sue Abderholden of NAMI-Minnesota.