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Never Worry About A Power Outage Again

Solar panels have had their share of good press in recent years. It is a great time to go solar, from tax incentives to the impact on an individual’s carbon footprint. But how can someone ensure they are getting the most from a solar installation? That’s where Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) comes to the rescue.

The Basics of Solar with Battery

On a basic level, solar panels need sunlight to provide energy to users, and inverters on the solar panels take the sunlight and convert it into usable energy. At some points of the day, the panels collect more energy than the property is using; other times more energy is consumed than is generated. This can be due to the time of day, sun exposure, energy usage patterns, and other factors.

When the sun is shining and the energy is plentiful, the batteries are charged and stored for when it is needed, similar to other familiar rechargeable batteries for devices but on a larger scale. While many cities require homes and buildings to stay connected to the electrical grid, battery storage systems alleviate reliance on the grid for energy usage.

While previously, many tax incentives and rebates didn’t apply to solar battery storage, the more recent IRA has included batteries in the 30 percent solar tax credit, and other agencies are following suit. While this is good news for the time being, there is no promise that these rulings will stay in effect.

Battery Benefits in Extreme Weather

Weather always comes with some uncertainty, especially in Minnesota. The next thunderstorm or blizzard could strike at any time. Losing power is the last thing one wants to worry about in extreme weather conditions. With battery energy storage systems, home owners and businesses can store energy and have some self-reliance during short-term power outages.

With winter coming up quickly on the horizon, is not the time to think about how to prepare for these unforeseen weather events. Even over the summer, as we seem to have record-breaking heat, battery backups can continue to run the air conditioning through rolling brown-outs and black-outs.

Batteries in Everyday Use

While solar power provides energy during the day, there are times that you may still be paying an inflated cost from your energy provider. During peak times of the day, when the grid is being used most by people, energy prices are higher due to increased demand. Solar storage solutions can help with cutting back on this cost by utilizing the solar energy you have stored instead of paying a premium price from the grid.

The use of solar energy requires sunlight, so what happens at night? Well, that’s a great time for your battery to go to work. Instead of taking energy from the grid, your battery supplies you with the extra energy it has collected during the day. Utilizing batteries ensures that you are collecting as much solar energy as possible, making the most out of your solar system.

Whether you are looking to optimize your solar usage, and energy spending or want some peace of mind in uncertain weather conditions, adding batteries to your solar installation is something that should be taken into consideration. For more information, download our eBook, Energy Storage + Solar.

A Trusted Name in Minnesota Solar Energy

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