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Who supports the same-sex marriage ban?

Explore our interactive table of marriage amendment donors.

The main organization working to pass the gay marriage amendment is Minnesota for Marriage, a coalition including the Minnesota Family Council, Minnesota Catholic Conference and the National Organization for Marriage. The group asked the Legislature to place the amendment on the ballot.

Just like the groups working to defeat the measure, the amendment proponents’ financial disclosures show money moving from member groups to the umbrella organization. But tracing the dollars back to individual donors is much more difficult.

The sources of the $350,000 contribution from the Minnesota Catholic Conference are clearly identified as three diocese, one of which identified the clergyman whose estate was the source of its donation. 

The Minnesota Family Council did not list its donors or funding sources on its state disclosures.

The National Organization for Marriage has a history of unsuccessfully challenging campaign finance disclosure laws in states where it works to outlaw same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage foes routinely argue that they have been the victims of violence and harassment for their views and should not have to name their sources of financing.

The group hasn’t won its challenges, but has managed to keep the lid mostly on its funding stream. Its IRS nonprofit disclosures suggest that it is funded by a fewer than half a dozen individuals who make multi-million dollar donations. NOM will not name them.

Most recently, on February 1, a federal appeals court rejected NOM’s argument that it should not have to comply with disclosure laws in Maine, where it refused to register or report during a 2009 constitutional amendment campaign.

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Items per page:
NameCashIn-kindTotalDonated to
Parmenter, Dennis$105$0$105Minnesota For Marriage
Jahake, Mark$164$0$164Minnesota For Marriage
Christoff, Tamara$250$0$250Minnesota For Marriage
Kauffman, Christopher$250$0$250Minnesota For Marriage
Baier, Cynthia$350$0$350Minnesota For Marriage
Holdeman, Paul$500$0$500Minnesota For Marriage
Haberkorn, Sandra$500$0$500Minnesota For Marriage
Diocese of New Ulm$50,000$0$50,000Minnesota Catholic Conference
Diocese of Duluth$50,000$0$50,000Minnesota Catholic Conference
Minnesota Family Council$226,000$0$226,000Minnesota For Marriage
National Organization for Marriage$250,000$0$250,000Minnesota For Marriage
National Organization for Marriage$284,123$0$284,123National Organization for Marriage - Minnesota
Minnesota Family Council$346,994$0$346,994Minnesota Family Council
Minnesota Catholic Conference$350,000$0$350,000Minnesota For Marriage
Archdiocese of St. Paul$650,000$0$650,000Minnesota Catholic Conference

Source: Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board

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Tom Nehil and Kaeti Hinck contributed to this project.