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Minnesota 2013 Legislative Bill Tracker

Follow the status of key legislation and learn what those bills mean for you.

MinnPost’s interactive team and political reporters have joined forces to track the most important legislative bills during the 2013 session. We’ve identified key pieces of legislation in the categories below — simply click on an icon to see what we’re following. With each bill, we have provided a plain speak description of the proposed law and why it matters. You’ll also find latest actions, co-sponsors, links to the bills’ full text, and our reporters’ stories and updates throughout the session.

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Data provided by MinnPost reporters and the MN Legislature via the Open States API. Code, techniques, and some data on Github.

Icons provided by The Noun Project. Congress by Martha Ormiston; Energy by NDSTR; GayMarriage by MaurizioFusillo; Education by Thibault Geffroy; Time by Richard de Vos; Capital by Jonathan Keating; Paper by Tom Schott; Bank by Ilaria Baggio; Group by Alexandra Coscovelnita; Check mark by Spencer Cohen.