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Bachmann: Cantor defeat a message to Washington

WASHINGTON — Bachmann said the majority leader’s surprise loss Tuesday likely dooms immigration reform efforts in the House this year.

REUTERS/Mike Theiler
Rep. Michele Bachmann addressing the Conservative
Political Action Conference in March.

WASHINGTON — House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s surprising primary defeat on Tuesday is further proof that Americans are fed up with their elected officials — all of them, of every party — in Washington, D.C. 

That’s Rep. Michele Bachmann’s take on Cantor’s shocking loss at the hands of a conservative college professor on Tuesday.

“I think it’s really clear. People are very upset because they feel like elites in Washington, D.C. aren’t listening to them, and I agree with people,” she said after House votes on Wednesday afternoon. “People here in Washington, D.C. need to listen to real people, listen to what real people are saying, and we need to deliver, and that just hasn’t happened, it’s that simple.”

Bachmann, who is retiring at the end of the year, said Cantor’s loss should serve as a warning for lawmakers who vote for policies she says are out of step with American voters. That covers everything from the “lawless” Obama administration’s support for the Affordable Care Act and this month’s controversial prisoner exchange for an American POW to immigration reform pursued for more than a year on Capitol Hill.

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Cantor’s opponent, David Brat, ran firmly opposed to immigration reform measures, though its impact on the outcome of the race is a matter of debate. Even so, Cantor’s defeat makes it even more unlikely that House Republicans will move forward with an immigration bill this year.

Bachmann said she thinks it should doom any effort to give “amnesty” to undocumented immigrants in the United States.