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Fall-like weather continues

Congratulations Minnesota Twins for crawling back to first place in the AL Central division. An inconceivable number of games behind first place was taken to the last day of the regular baseball season (162 games). Now, the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins will battle it out in one more improbable game (163) on Tuesday evening at the Dome or what is now known as the Mall of America Field, the winner, becoming the AL Central division champs. How can you beat this time of year? Baseball playoffs, football is in full swing, hockey is starting and storm systems are becoming more intense. As the cold reservoir builds in the northern hemisphere, the temperature difference between north and south increases, making the need for balance in the atmosphere more of a need. However, because the Earth rotates and the sun shines, the Earth will never be in perfect balance, thus the need for weather… to distribute incoming heat near the equator to the poles and the cold air from the poles to the equator. It’s a vicious cycle, but I love it and probably wouldn’t have a job without it!

Next Mid-Latitude Cyclone barrels through

Monday’s weathermap at 7pm Tuesday

Accumulated rain potential through 7pm Wednesday – notice the maximum just east of the Twin Cities of 1.56″

Fall-like Weather Continues

I’ve been asked by many people now if the cool weather will continue or if there is an Indian Summer on the horizon… Looking ahead, temperatures continue to remain well below average through the next 7 days. Unfortunately, I don’t see any major warm-ups or last blasts of summer any time soon. It may be awhile before you can dawn the short shorts and the boat cruising clothes.

Todd’s Outlook for greater St. Cloud

Monday: More clouds, showers arrive by midday. High: 52

Tonight: Scattered rain showers likely, heavy rain possible. Low: 39

Tuesday: Showers taper by afternoon, cloudy and cool. High: 49

Wednesday: More clouds than sun, risk of a shower or sprinkle early. High: 46

Thursday: Milder with more sun, closer to “average”. High: 57

Friday: Mix of clouds and sun with a cooler breeze. High: 51

Saturday: Partly sunny and cool. High: 49

Sunday: Partly cloudy and chilly… a touch of late fall in the air. High: 50

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  1. Submitted by Sarah McGee on 10/05/2009 - 02:21 pm.

    What happened to the handy weather link in the top left corner? It was one of my first stops daily!

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