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Trump’s approval rating: Gallup shows 38%; HuffPost average is 43.9%

Basically, throughout his presidency, Trump’s approval number has fluctuated between 35 and 45 percent and his disapproval number between 50 and 60.

According to Gallup, President Donald Trump’s weekly approval rating is as low as it has been in nine months.

The new fresh Gallup measure shows Trump at 38 percent approval, 56 percent disapproval. The last time he had a lower approval number, according to Gallup, was the week of Feb. 18, when his approval/disapproval was 37/59. Gallup, which publishes a weekly approval number on Monday, finds that after a five-week rally in late September-early October, the president’s approval number has dropped or stayed flat four weeks in a row.  

Here’s the Gallup weekly update.

Don’t make too much of this, for several reasons. First of all, Trump’s approval is not plummeting. The declines have been small and within the margin of error. And secondly, Gallup is a bit of an outlier. The HuffPost average of many polls that try to measure Trump’s ratings does not show any noticeable change in recent weeks and, if anything, shows a slight improvement in Trump’s numbers over the last few weeks. Its current average of many polls has Trump at 51.8 disapproval/43.9 approval.

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Here’s the HuffPost average.

When I launched the mini-project of watching the ups and downs of Trump’s approval ratings, I’ll confess I expected to see much more movement from month to month, and I expected it to be downward. If there is any merit to my little exercise, it has reinforced that Trump’s admirers are a steadfast lot, consistent with his obnoxious campaign-year boast that his fans are so loyal that he could commit a murder in plain sight and his numbers wouldn’t go down.

Turns out, he was pretty much right, based on the first year and 10 months of his presidency. His approval numbers have stayed within a narrow range.

To be sure, it is not a good range. His approval numbers went “under water” (meaning more disapprovers than approvers) within a week or so of his inauguration, and immediately settled into a narrow range of ups and downs, always under water, but never falling or rising more than a few points. Basically, throughout his presidency, his approval number has fluctuated between 35 and 45 percent and his disapproval number between 50 and 60.

Although it’s been boring, I’ve stuck with my plan to update you every month or so. See you next month.