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Not only Ukraine call, but entire presidency now deemed by Trump to be ‘perfect’

Trump has upped the ante.

I watched the late morning post-impeachment-acquittal remarks by President Trump to a White House roomful of his congressional supporters. There’s something wrong with me that I can still be shocked by this stuff. There’s something else wrong with me that I can still be surprised that a large minority of the country finds it acceptable and, according to the recent small improvement in in his ratings, “approvable.”

I have, until recently, been bothered by Trump’s constant claim that the transcript of his conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy showed that his message (which, as you know, showed him pressuring Zelenskiy to investigate the Bidens) had been “perfect.”

But, I note, Trump has upped the ante. I don’t know how much he knows about the constant fundraising messages sent out to supporters over his signature by his re-election committee, but, thanks to a friend of mine who receives them and passes them along to me, I can tell you that he no longer claims “perfect” as merely the best word to describe his phone call, but his entire presidency. Here’s the sentence:

Like I’ve been saying all along, I DID NOTHING WRONG. If they had just read the TRANSCRIPT, they would’ve seen that I’ve been a PERFECT PRESIDENT.”

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Modesty, thy name is Trump.