South Washington County school district accidentally releases massive cache of student information

The Glean Oops. Solvejg Wastvedt at MPR reports: “Leaders of the South Washington County Schools apologized Thursday for a massive, accidental release of private student information sent out in an email attachment Wednesday from the district’s transportation department. The attachment contains names, grades, identification numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, bus routes, pick up and drop off times, pick up and drop off locations, and schools of attendance for some 9,000 students.” 

PolitiFact looks at claims Wisconsin will pay $1 million per job in their deal with FoxConn. Says Tom Kertscher, “When one Democratic lawmaker claimed Wisconsin is offering $3 billion to Foxconn for 3,000 jobs, or $1 million per job, the math didn’t work. We rated the statement, by state Rep. Melissa Sargent of Madison, False. The full $3 billion would be paid only if the plant Foxconn plans to put in Wisconsin creates 13,000 jobs. But is it possible that the Foxconn offer could end up costing Wisconsin taxpayers more than $1 million per job? Perhaps.”

Did this guy invent this scam? Sarah Horner of the PiPress reports, “Here’s how authorities say it worked: Elfonzo Dyrell Shelby, who claimed to live in St. Paul but actually lived in Fargo, sent phony surveys to inmates at a correctional facility in Mississippi. In exchange for filling them out, the North Dakota man promised each $45. Then he used the information to apply for government benefits that he pocketed. That was just one of the tactics Shelby, 47, deployed in a ‘widespread and complex’ fraud scheme that scammed public assistance programs out of more than $300,000, according to information released Thursday by the Ramsey County attorney’s office.”

Uh, yeah. At Deadspin Emma Baccallieri writes, “A document discussing ‘football team rules’ at Minnesota included a set of ‘pitfalls around college athletics,’ which listed 15 activities as varied as getting parking tickets, not telling the truth, and gang rape. The two-page document came out today as one of the exhibits included in an independent review of how the university investigated a report of sexual assault involving multiple football players last year.”

MPR’s Laura Yuen says, “Minneapolis’ Kingdom Kare Learning Center has lost its child care license after state authorities determined that more than a dozen children there had been abused. The Minnesota Department of Human Services revoked the daycare’s license Aug. 10. Video footage from April 2016 showed a staff person used a ‘long and thin stick’ to strike 14 children. The investigation found that two others at the facility grabbed kids by their wrists or hit them.” 

Don’t let Barfo drink the green water! Also at MPR, Dan Kraker says, “From Washington Lake in southwest Minnesota, to Lake Minnetonka, to Helen Lake in northern Minnesota, toxic blooms of algae are again surfacing on the state’s lakes. They’re suspected culprits in one case of human illness and two dog deaths so far this summer. When lake temperatures warm, blue-green algae thrives, often forming in thick, pea-soup colored blooms that spread out across the surface of lakes. The algae has been present in Minnesota since at least the turn of the 19th century. But it’s only recently exploded on the public’s radar. It’s believed to have killed 20 dogs in Minnesota since 2004, including this August at Lake Minnetonka and at Lake Geneva, near Alexandria, Minn.”

Says Nick Ferraro in the PiPress, “A man who was trying to rob a Verizon Wireless store in Inver Grove Heights on Thursday morning was shot by a clerk during an exchange of gunfire, police said. The man, who is believed to be in his mid to late 20s, has several gunshot wounds and was taken by ambulance under police custody to Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Lt. Joshua Otis said. His condition is unknown. A male accomplice who fled the store after the shooting remains at large. … While being held at gunpoint, the clerk drew his own gun from his waistband and shot the suspect who had the gun. The second suspect ran out of the store and fled the area in a vehicle.”


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