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Minneapolis police reconsidering policy on pursuits

Plus: big orange fish caught near Brainerd; state creates task force on missing and murdered indigenous women; former Twin David Ortiz reportedly shot; and more.


The Star Tribune’s Libor Jany and Jeff Hargarten report, “Minneapolis police are weighing new guidelines that would limit when and how officers can chase a suspect after a string of high-speed police pursuits that ended in crashes involving injuries and even death. The debate comes after vehicle pursuits jumped about 25% from 2016 to 2018. Most were over quickly and lacked the headline-grabbing drama of chases in which bystanders were struck and killed by someone fleeing arrest. But many more result in property damage.”

A KSTP-TV story says, “Scientific testing has confirmed a fish caught in the Brainerd Lakes Area is very rare. It’s a huge and bright orange fish that many have never seen before. … The bigmouth buffalo weighed 33.1 pounds and was 38 inches long. Remarkable for its size and rare for its orange color.”

In Politico, Natasha Korecki reports, “In the early state where field organization has traditionally mattered the most, Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have quietly and patiently concentrated their resources toward building grassroots machines designed to power them on caucus night. It showed here on Sunday as 19 Democratic presidential candidates converged for the first time in one venue to make their five-minute pitch to the party faithful. … Booker and Warren weren’t the only presidential hopefuls to stand out. The senator from next door in Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar, also put on a show of force both inside and outside the Cedar Rapids Doubletree Hilton Hotel, where the dinner took place.”

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At CBS News, Camilo Montoya-Galvez writes, “Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, one of the two-dozen Democrats vying for the party’s presidential nomination, denounced President Trump’s campaign of brinkmanship with Mexico over rising migration from Central America, calling him ‘threatener-in-chief’. On ‘Face the Nation’ Sunday, Klobuchar accused Mr. Trump of treating American farmers as if they were ‘poker chips’ at ‘one of his bankrupt casinos.’

From KSTP-TV: “Every year, an untold number of Native American Women in Minnesota have vanished, or worse, have been killed. It’s been a decades-long struggle to determine just how many and why.   That’s because there hasn’t been a state or national database to track the incidents. … For all of those reasons and more, at the end of the legislative session in May, state lawmakers approved $150,000 in funding to create the historic ‘Task Force for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.’”

For the Strib, Nicole Norfleet says, “Jamez Staples saw a big opportunity when the state decided to move its workforce center in north Minneapolis. … However, a year and a half later the project has stalled. Minneapolis Public Schools, a potential building tenant, is looking at an alternative training site, and city staff is holding up a $1.6 million grant awarded to the project citing concerns with meeting the current funding conditions.”

Says Joe Nelson for BringMeTheNews, “If you stayed up late Saturday night and looked up to the sky you might’ve seen clouds that appeared to be glowing. Aliens? Not quite. What people were seeing was an atmospheric phenomenon known as noctilucent clouds, which … meteorologist Chris Kuball explains as clouds that are ‘40 miles up in the sky and essentially having the sun’s light from way over the horizon bouncing off them.’”

From the Duluth News Tribune: Former Minnesota Twin “David Ortiz, a three-time World Series champion during his career with the Boston Red Sox, was shot in the back Sunday, June 9, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, national police told CNN. Dominican National Police spokesman Felix Duran Mejia said the incident occurred at the Dial Discotheque in Santo Domingo. Multiple media outlets reported Ortiz was undergoing surgery late Sunday night.”