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Tracking the Minnesota COVID-19 numbers

Total case counts by day, cases by Minnesota county and more.

As the Minnesota Department of Health posts updates on coronavirus testing, cases and hospitalizations from the disease, MinnPost will update the charts and map below with the latest data.

Note: On January 21, 2022 MDH said it has a significant backlog of test results which may delay reporting of new cases of COVID-19. As of July 10, 2021, MDH is no longer providing data on weekends, so this page will not be updated on Saturdays and Sundays.

As of October 14, MDH started reporting data based on two testing methods. PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) tests, which were the only types of tests reported prior to October 14, detect genetic material from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and are considered the most accurate method of diagnosis — MDH calls cases with positive PCR tests “confirmed” cases. Another testing method, antigen testing, detects proteins in the sample that are indicative of a coronavirus infection. Because antigen tests are less accurate than PCR tests, MDH calls these cases “probable” cases. But because both types of tests result in the same actions by health officials, we combine the numbers in the data below to give the most complete picture of the state of COVID-19 in Minnesota.


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Total COVID-19 cases (cumulative) in Minnesota by day
As of October 14, cases include both confirmed cases, determined by PCR testing, and probable cases, determined by antigen testing.

New positive COVID-19 tests in Minnesota by day
As of October 14, positive tests include both confirmed cases, determined by PCR testing, and probable cases, determined by antigen testing.

Deaths per day
Dates are shown for the date the death was announced by the Minnesota Department of Health, which may not be the date the death actually occurred. Deaths listed here are for both confirmed cases (determined by PCR testing) and probable cases (determined by antigen tests). The large spike on March 9 includes 138 deaths that occurred over the past year but were not previously reported.

COVID-19 tests processed per day
Testing data are approximate. Dates are given for when the data was released, not necessarily when the testing occurred. Data include both PCR tests and antigen tests.

Positive COVID-19 tests by Minnesota county
Note: This map only represents laboratory-tested positive COVID-19 cases. Due to lack of testing, the true number and spread of cases is likely much greater. Total cases in this map may not equal the total number of positive tests in Minnesota overall.