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First day of Earth Journal appeal generates donations, comments

Support MinnPost's environmental coverage!MinnPost’s first broad-based appeal for Earth Journal donations brought in $1,249 by 4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 6.

The campaign will run through next Thursday, Feb. 13. The goal: to raise $7,000 in 7 days, to sustain Ron Meador’s thought-provoking journalism about the environment, energy and related matters.

Special thanks to donors who took the time to tell us why they decided to donate:

  • Rolf Westgard, St. Paul: “Earth Journal covers a frequently neglected topic that is critical to the survival of humanity.”
  • Mary and Michael Lilja, Edina: “We love Ron’s environmental reporting and want to help ensure that it continues.”
  • Nate Arthur, Roseville: “The only source for meaningful environmental coverage in Minnesota which provides insights to diverse audiences and perspective.”
  • Douglas Owens-Pike, Minneapolis: “Important analysis that should be even more widely disseminated.”
  • Lance Groth, St. Paul: “The world faces many serious problems, but environmental issues rank as the most important, in my estimation, because without a healthy biosphere to sustain us, everything else becomes moot. Ron Meador does a fine job of covering these issues, and his thoughtful analyses always give me something new to think about. I’m very grateful that MinnPost sees fit to include an environmental blog.”
  • Samuel Brungardt, St. Paul: “I work for the State of Minnesota, and to me responsible and accurate coverage of the environment is very important.”
  • Stuart Braman, Port Washington, NY: “Quality thoughtful environmental coverage is sorely needed, and it’s great to see it growing at MinnPost even as it diminishes in quantity and quality elsewhere.”

If you appreciate Earth Journal, please add your dollars — and, if you have time, your comments. Help us raise $7,000 in 7 days.

Help sustain environmental coverage on MinnPost with your donation today

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