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The headwinds facing local news

The team at MinnPost works hard to lead on overcoming these challenges and serve Minnesotans like you with deeply reported, independent journalism.

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There are a lot of headwinds facing local news. Shifting business models, news avoidance, rapidly changing tech platforms. The team at MinnPost works hard to lead on overcoming these challenges and serve Minnesotans like you with deeply reported, independent journalism — free for all readers! — on the critical issues facing our state.

As the executive director, there are two things that help me power through even the toughest of days:

  • The knowledge that journalism is a cornerstone of our civic life and remembering how important our work is to the health of our democracy and state.
  • The support we get from members. And while I do mean the financial support we get in donations of all sizes, I also mean when we hear from members about why they support MinnPost. We have a channel that shares these messages with the staff, and it’s my go-to source for inspiration and a pick-me-up. Below are just a few recent examples.

Tomorrow’s the last day of our spring member drive, and even though the weather here in Minnesota has felt barely spring-like, we hope you’ll splash a little sunlight on MinnPost and our journalism in the form of a donation today.

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If the messages below from members resonate with you and how you feel about MinnPost, we hope you’ll add your name to the list of generous readers who make our journalism possible.

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A sampling of recent notes of member support:

“I continue to be informed, educated and entertained by your excellent journalists. I have been a member for about five years. Keep up this good important work!” — Rebecca Neafus in St. Paul

“MinnPost is a trusted place for me to get current reporting on issues of interest to residents of the area. I trust the reporting to be complete and appreciate the straight reporting on all issues.” — Lynda Pauling in Oak Park Heights

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“Independent journalism is essential to the health of our democracy.” — Michael Philipp in Inver Grove Heights

“It is a good, maybe the best, source of news around the capitol.” — Karl Meller in Minneapolis

“News and politics have become increasingly nationalized, but so much action happens at the state and local levels! We need nonpartisan news sources like MinnPost to keep the public updated on what’s happening around the great state of Minnesota!” — Lillian Fix in Rockville, MD

“You all do such an exceptional job of finding deeply interesting stories that help readers understand parts of the Twin Cities that other media outlets totally ignore – stories that help us better appreciate the depth and breadth of our collective experiences.” — Julie A. Bowen in St. Paul