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A look inside Sigurd Olson’s writing shack

From the Minnesota DNR, a look inside the ‘writing shack’ of Minnesota author and conservationist Sigurd Olson:

Renowned conservationist and author Sigurd Olson wrote his books while ensconced in a small garage behind his house. This short video, narrated by Listening Point Foundation executive director Alanna Dore, gives you a glimpse inside the ‘writing shack.’ To read a Minnesota Conservation Volunteer commentary about the writing shack and Olson’s “Listening Point,” go to

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  1. Submitted by Beryl John-Knudson on 03/23/2012 - 10:23 am.

    Sigurd’s wife

    I missed this lovely photo essay; and since nobody’s around…

    It was back in the mid-sixties, Sigurd’s wife came into my driftwood shop; little fishing village up north. Introduced herself – talked about regional issues, BWCA; roads invading…private roads by private landowners demanding the county make their access more livable etc. Enviromental issues I knew little about being young, uninformed; not a woods person and a recent transplant from the the city.

    She was a wealth of information and quite a powerful voice for the wilderness and its preservation. Talked a good hour. I learned so much from her wisdom..

    She was a woods lover, as I was a prairie woman. We agreed on that. She bought one of my silly ‘daisy boards’ to hang in Sigurd’s study and we shook hands. What a rare person

    I am going to reread The Listening Point.It’s here somewhere…

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