1982 commercial for Minnesota Fabrics

From YouTube user JPFabrics, “a 30-second commercial for Minnesota Fabrics, produced by Jefferson Productions for Action Advertising, on Feb. 11, 1982. Directed by Ed Wade.” Featuring some great examples of early-eighties women’s fashion and the unforgettable tagline ‘If you really like to sew, there’s just one place you really need to go!’

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  1. Submitted by Arito Moerair on 06/08/2012 - 11:19 am.


    Neat ad. That orange color she’s wearing was very prominent in fashion and design back then.

    My office building was completed in 1982. We still have a bunch of its original, old (but indestructible) furniture. A lot of it is the same orange color. Now, contrast the colors in this ad with the bland fashions of today. And it doesn’t seem to me that fashion and design from the last 10-15 years is really all that identifiable. Look at photos of people from around 2000 and you may not know it’s an old photo simply based on hair styles and what people are wearing. Why is that? But you can immediately pick out 80s/70s/60s fashions.

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