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MN Blog Cabin Roundup: 11/19

This week, the MN Blog Cabin features Arne Carlson on a Vikings stadium and a religious case for GLBT equality.

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Video of the week from Minneapolis’ HOTTEA

The Stadium…. Just a Thought

“Last week, I was interviewed by two excellent radio journalists, Dan Barreiro of KFAN and Gary Eichten of MPR, and, obviously, the issue of the Vikings stadium came up.”

The Religious Case for Gay & Lesbian Equality

“Jay Michaelson’s ‘God vs. Gay?’ powerfully argues that Jewish and Christian religious values require affirmation of gay and lesbian people and their relationships.

Print or Die

“Europe has come to understand that what is at stake right now is not just the economies of a few member nations, but the future of European Union itself.  The cornerstone of that union is the Euro, the single currency that has made close cooperation even tighter.  But in order to save that currency, there is little that can be done short of the member nations drawing much closer together.  That, and risk killing off the Euro in order to save it.”

Flight and rural places

“Rural air service to places like the Iron Range is somewhat controversial. It’s expensive to serve areas like this, certainly less profitable for airlines than running regular flights out of populated hubs. Nevertheless, regional economies rely heavily on the ability to get people in and out of these places, where companies and entrepreneurs still have job-creating interests. That’s why for many years the federal government has subsidized flights out of the Range Regional Airport in Hibbing and other regional airports.”

It’s Cheaper to Write Zygi Wilf Checks Than Build a #Vikings Stadium #wilfare

“One of the justifications the Vikings use for their Wilfare demands is that the Vikings don’t make as much money as the Green Bay Packers franchise. I don’t know how things work in your business, but normally a problem like this is solved through private investment rather than the dole, but Zygi ain’t too proud to beg.”

Gender Wars II

“My wife is gifted.

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In so many ways. I’m gifted too, but we kinda have to look a little harder.”


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