‘Cyber-squatters’ focus in on Bachmann’s web presence

When trying to find Michele Bachmann’s campaign website, remember that her name is spelled with one “L” and two “Ns”.

Some Internet “cyber-squatters” are directing dozens of misspelling web users away from the official campaign website every day with fake Bachmann-based URLs. The fake websites send their visitors around the web to sites for everything from a gay rights advocacy group to — as of Monday morning — Penthouse magazine.

Roll Call has the story, warning that:

  • Bachman2012.com brings you to a parody article about Bachmann’s candidacy.
  • Bachmann2012.com directs to what “appears to be an impartial message board where users can post articles and comment on them,” Roll Call writes.
  • MichelleBachmann.com takes you to a blank page that gets about 60 hits a day, according to the domain owner.
  • And then there’s Michele2012.com, which, until the Roll Call article was published, redirected users to Penthouse.com.

So consider this your official reminder that the best way to keep track of Minnesota’s remaining presidential candidate is to visit michelebachmann.com.

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