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Polling agency: Bachmann ‘well on her way to being irrelevant’

Public Policy Polling released a new round of presidential polling numbers Tuesday featuring another weak showing from Michele Bachmann. The polling agency said she is “well on her way to being as irrelevant as Rick Santorum, Gary Johnson, and Jon Huntsman.”

Bachmann got support from only 3 percent of Nevada voters and 5 percent of those in Wisconsin. She’s in sixth place of nine in each of those states.

PPP notes that the last time it polled in Wisconsin, after her Iowa straw poll victory, Bachmann checked in at 20 percent. The last time they polled in Nevada, in July, she received 14 percent.

Herman Cain has a big lead in Wisconsin, leading second place finisher Mitt Romney 30 percent to 18 percent. The two are statistically tied for first place in Nevada.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Jim Bernstein on 10/26/2011 - 04:09 pm.

    Michele Bachmann “well on her way to being irrelevant” was easily the most predictable, most certain outcome of the Republican presidential process. Even the most gullible Republicans (except in the 6th District for unexplainable reasons) seem to quickly tire of her endless missteps and misrepresentations.

  2. Submitted by Derek Wain on 10/28/2011 - 07:56 am.

    PPP has been wrong on all the votes so far
    in the Republican primary, saying that
    Bachmann “had little chance in the Iowa
    Straw Poll” so there is no reason to think
    that PPP, with its tiny and biased sampling,
    has got it right.

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