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Minneapolis attorney Lynne Torgerson to challenge Congressman Ellison

Minneapolis attorney Lynne Torgerson has filed paperwork to run for Congress in the 5th District against incumbent Keith Ellison.

MPR’s Polinaut notes that even though Ellison’s seat is considered very safe, there will always be challengers.

MPR says Torgerson ran as an independent for Minnesota House District 59A in 2008 and that her “website says she’s conservative on some issues, including abortion, defining marriage between one man and one woman and defending the 2nd Amendment.”

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  1. Submitted by Herbert Davis on 11/27/2009 - 06:52 am.

    What she says she supports is “radical right”, Arnie carlson was/is a “conservative”! Any position that denies rights to Americans is “radical”.

    p.s. Our second amendment needs no defending, the gun laws that outlaw your right to own rocket launchers is not an infringement of your right to bear arms!Even mostr liberals understand the need for some level of control of firearms…the issue is and will be, where to draw the line.

    Herb Davis,Jr.

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