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Feds want Jesse Ventura’s airport search lawsuit thrown out

Lawyers for the federal government filed papers Monday seeking to dismiss a lawsuit by former Gov. Jesse Ventura that claims airport searches were unconstitutional.

It was a procedural move by the government; KSTP News said the dismissal papers argue that challenges to aviation and security-related Transportation Security Administration orders must be filed in the courts of appeal.

Ventura’s lawsuit, filed in January against the TSA and Department of Homeland Security, claims that airport scans and searches violated his “rights under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Ventura’s attorney, David Olsen, told the New York Daily News at the time: “He’s not seeking any money damages, he doesn’t want to get rich through this lawsuit. In fact, he could be financially harmed, if anything.”

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  1. Submitted by Danny Brown on 04/02/2011 - 08:00 am.

    If we the people allow the us government, and the people behind this to stop this suit from being herd, then we are one step closer to the globalist to take over this country. This is a tactic used to not allow this to be heard, and the government to get there way. if they stop this here you better believe at the same time they are trying to stop anyone from filing a suit like this. so if we bow to them and allow this one to be stop, they wont allow any other claims to filed. Even if it is heard the upper crust people behind the globalist and builder burg movement wont allow this to happen and will make a downplay show of it and have it laughed out. we are loosing our rights and freedoms everyday, and obama wants this all to happen, so that one day we wont be the united states we will be the north american union. In which case they can come into your home and search and seize anything they deem necessary. If we as journalist don’t fight this and start reporting what is right, where are we going to be when its to late and we can no longer freely express ourselves without fear of being ostracized and destroyed. Remember !!!!
    V V V

  2. Submitted by Leslie Davis on 04/05/2011 - 12:04 am.

    Jesse Ventura

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    – Bribed a candidate on July 17, 1998 so he could run unopposed in the Reform Party and keep his radio show. Call for free video of the actual bribe.
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