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Shoreview council member starts petition against Vikes’ Arden Hills stadium

As a plan to build a government-subsidized stadium in Arden Hills for the Vikings remains alive and bubbling in the background of the Capitol budget turmoil, a city council member from neighboring Shoreview wants the state to punt on the proposal.

Shoreview Council Member Blake Huffman has even created an online petition, demanding that a stadium be built in Minneapolis and that the Vikings pay the entire cost.

So far, 76 people have electronically signed.

The Shoreview Post said Huffman hopes to take the petition to the Ramsey County Board, because he feels there hasn’t been enough citizen input on the measure. He’s worried that no one has yet addressed community concerns about property values, traffic, noise, crime and the environment for a stadium in Arden Hills.

“There has been no official vote yes or no, and I’m concerned that that’s going to happen in a blink of an eye without people getting a chance to express their feelings, or ask the right questions and say what about all those issues we raised in the petition,” Huffman told the paper.

And he’s doing it on his own, not on behalf of the council. One other Shoreview council member, though, has signed the petition, the story says.

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