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Another Minnesotan — longtime DFLer Ole Savior — is running for president, this time as a Republican

One of the surprisingly under-reported political stories of the year is the fact that still another Minnesotan, Ole Savior, is running for president.

Not only that, but the longtime perennial DFL candidate for governor or senator, depending on the year, is running this time as a Republican.

Savior was among those attending the Mitt Romney rally this afternoon in Eagan. He just wanted to let people know, he said, that if Romney, like so many other GOP candidates, should falter, he’ll be ready to pick up the banner and run as the party’s nominee.

Why the switch to the GOP?

Savior said that he made the switch following the DFL state convention in 2010, when he was running for governor. He didn’t think he received the respect he deserved at the convention.

“I was at that DFL convention, and I brought them Elvis and Cher and a woman dressed as a chicken,’’ Savior said. “I wanted the chicken to give a speech. She was going to say, ‘Don’t be a chicken, vote for Ole Savior.’ ’’

Savior eventually did get a chance to speak to the convention but still left the hall disgusted and decided to see if the Republicans would treat him more warmly.

Another of the old perennials, Dick Franson, has remained a DFLer and is running against Sen. Amy Klobuchar for the DFL endorsement for the Senate.

Savior said that it’s too soon to know if he’ll find more success as a Republican than he did as a Democrat.

It’s certain, though, that he won’t have less success. He’s never won a race.

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