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Secret Service checked out New Ulm council candidate over possible threat to Obama

The 75-year-old man doesn’t like the state’s unemployment benefits system but used some threatening words in a letter to the White House.

A candidate for city council in New Ulm says he was questioned earlier this year by the Secret Service after he sent angry letters to Washington.

In the letters complaining about the Minnesota unemployment benefits system, he mentioned that he believes he was put on earth “to take down a sitting U.S. president.”

The Mankato Free Press says candidate Ron Larsen, 75, explained to an agent that he merely meant he wants to help defeat President Obama in this year’s election.

Larsen is running against New Ulm City Council President Charles Schmitz.

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According to the paper, Larsen sent letters to the White House and other government offices protesting the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program’s procedure for determining who is eligible for unemployment payments.

Larsen said he lost his job as a New Ulm Journal reporter in 2010. In the letter, he also wrote: 

“Ever since I was 50-55 years old I’ve had this nagging feeling that I was put on this Earth for a specific reason. Now I know it was to take down a sitting U.S. president; life doesn’t get any better than that.”

The Secret Service agent and a county sheriff who’d come to his door stayed less than an hour, and apparently accepted his explanation about working against the president’s re-election.