House DFL leaders announce staff appointments

Top staff members for the DFL House caucus were named today by incoming House Speaker Paul Thissen and Majority Leader Erin Murphy.

Here is the list, based on caucus-provided bios:

Mike Charboneau, executive Director, Majority Caucus, who has served in various roles with the House DFL caucus, most recently as executive director for the House Minority Caucus. Previously, Charboneau served as executive director to House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher and is a graduate of St. John’s University, Collegeville.

Kate Perushek, legislative director to the speaker, has been with the caucus since 2007, and worked as Rep. Thissen’s committee administrator for the Health and Human Services Policy Committee in 2009-2010. She then served as his executive assistant and most recently as director of caucus & legislative services. Perushek served as research director for the caucus during the last election cycle. She has a master’s in public policy and social work from the University of Chicago.

Zach Rodvold, director of external affairs, had served as director of caucus & legislative services for the DFL House Caucus in 2011 before leaving to manage the caucus’s successful election efforts in 2012 as campaign director. Prior to that, he managed the congressional campaign of former state Sen. Tarryl Clark and served for three years as state director for Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Michael Howard, communications director, has served as the chief communications spokesperson for the House DFL caucus since 2011. Previously, Howard served as assistant communications director at the Minnesota Department of Education.

Sasha Bergman, executive assistant to the Speaker, has worked at the Minnesota Department of Revenue as a tax policy research specialist for Commissioner Myron Frans since January. Previously, Bergman worked at the Minnesota House of Representatives, spending the majority of her time in various roles for the Tax Committee and Property Tax Division.

Dan Pollock, executive assistant to the majority leader, most recently served as policy adviser to Gov. Mark Dayton on such issues as health and human services and transportation. Prior to that, Pollock served as legislative director for Commissioner Cindy Jesson at the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Jessica Nyman, administrative assistant to the majoritylLeader, spent the past two sessions working in the House DFL Caucus media department as a communications specialist for a variety of House DFL representatives.

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