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FBI joins probe of Bachmann’s presidential campaign

REUTERS/Jeff Haynes
Rep. Michele Bachmann shown formally launching her campaign for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, in Waterloo, Iowa, June 27, 2011.

The FBI is investigating complaints of alleged campaign finance violations in Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign.

The FBI joins the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Federal Elections Commission and an Iowa state Senate ethics committee in probing whether Bachmann’s presidential campaign paid an Iowa state senator from her MichelePAC, a fund that should not have been used for campaign expenses, and whether the state senator stole the email list of an Iowa home-school group from another Bachmann staffer, Barbara Hekki, prior to the Iowa caucuses in January, 2012.

Andy Parrish, former Bachmann chief of staff and one of the directors of Bachmann’s Iowa GOP presidential campaign, will be interviewed by the FBI, according to his attorney, John Gilmore.

“I can confirm that Andy Parrish has been contacted by the FBI for a scheduled interview next week,” Gilmore said.  “He will cooperate fully.”

Parrish has filed an affidavit with the Iowa ethics committee stating that state Sen. Kent Sorenson was paid for his work on the Bachmann presidential campaign through a fundraising firm that had ties to MichelePAC.

The entry of the FBI into the investigation raises the possibility that there were potential criminal violations.  In addition to the alleged theft of the home-school list, the FBI is said to be looking into the campaign’s demand that certain former employees, whose pay was withheld at the end of the campaign, sign non-disclosure agreements before receiving their compensation.

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  1. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 05/17/2013 - 11:25 pm.

    ANOTHER Press Conference?

    Gee, I’m sure Rep. Bachmann will have to hold a press conference to proclaim that President Obama is now using the FBI to punish his political enemies,…

    and that this must CERTAINLY be political payback for her completely undocumented and false claims that the IRS would surely be used to kill people as a part of “Obamacare.”

    After all, it’s simply not possible that the RULES everyone else is expected to live by – obeying the law, not telling lies, not making wildly exaggerated, unsubstantiated, false claims against vulnerable, innocent people,…

    not allowing valuable property to be stolen for your benefit by others, etc…

    actually apply to someone as IMPORTANT and NECESSARY to :freedom,” “liberty,” “morailty,” “patriotism,” “up-is-actually-down,” “in-is-actually-out,” every day is 1984-“doublespeak,” opposite day, in “Acirema,”…

    why, that’s just CRAZY talk!

    Clearly Rep. Bachmann has done NOTHING wrong, because if SHE did it, it must have been RIGHT

    (and the laws/rules/moral codes that make it WRONG are, WRONG, themselves, having been negated by the fact that she violated them).

  2. Submitted by Patrick Wells on 05/18/2013 - 05:37 am.

    FBI Priorities

    I am not a Michele Bachmann supporter.

    Even though I do not support Bachmann, I think it undermines confidence in the Department of Justice to see the FBI taken off the investigation of the financial institutions which caused the financial collapse while being encouraged to investigate Bachman’s campaign.

  3. Submitted by Steve Titterud on 05/18/2013 - 08:36 am.

    The “no non-disclosure, no pay” matter…

    …shows just how far Ms. Bachmann has come to distrust even those close to her. Being a shifty, untrustworthy person herself, she would naturally be inclined towards suspicion.

    Withholding earned pay in favor of this petty demand would seem to be illegal in a plain and simple way, as the employer is simply and plainly obligated to pay for the work of the employee.

  4. Submitted by Patrick Ferrell on 05/18/2013 - 09:58 pm.

    More Obama Tyranny

    Here we have more Obama Tyranny in action against a republican tea party member who I am sure hasn’t done anything even CLOSE to the crap Obama pulled while fund raising for his campaign. They are harassing her because they want people to see her in a negative light, and the media is jumping all over it to help them out, even thought same said media, when they wouldn’t produce their Whistleblower’s name, the administration recorded incoming and outgoing all calls to the AP, and also captured every single email that was sent or received for 2 months or so. This is what our founders meant when they talked about a TYRANNICAL Government and why we need to protect ourselves from governments like our current Regime that uses the IRS, and here is using the FBI to harass Michelle Bachmann because they are afraid of a strong woman. They will sit around all day saying Republicans have declared a “war on women”, but here we see it in action by the Democrats and the Obama administration that has actually confessed to singling out conservatives and their attempts to be a LEGAL 501 3C tax free organization, but are flagged by the IRS to be further investigated and basically harassed by asking questions they have no business asking. The whole house of cards is crumbling around Obama and his Regime. All the rats best head for the doorway before they go down with the Obama ship. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Submitted by Matt Haas on 05/19/2013 - 03:05 pm.

      Did ya get it all out?

      The FBI is investigating because there is a good chance malfeasance has occurred, based upon testimony of former campaign staffers. Likewise, would you not find it odd that organizations created for the sole purpose of promoting the victory of a certain set of political ideals over another might not find themselves in murky water when dealing with tax exempt status? Perhaps you might describe the “charitable” activities these groups took part in when they had some time off from fighting the UN soldiers dragging them to FEMA concentration camps?

    • Submitted by Brekka Stoughton on 05/19/2013 - 08:37 pm.

      Why would the FBI need to be afraid of Bachmann? She doesn’t need Obama’s help making her look like the idiot she is. Last I checker Obama was not happy about what the IRS did. It’s only a matter of time? I’ve been hearing that since the day he took office 4 years ago. All I have seen is improvement and the destruction of the Republican Party. The party who can’t even get along with itself. Obama isn’t destroying the Republicans, the Republicans are doing a damn good job doing it to themselves.

  5. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 05/20/2013 - 09:57 am.

    She didn’t know, I’m sure

    The President of the United States obviously knew what a bunch of mid-level IRS employees in Cincinnati were doing, but Rep. Bachmann just as obviously could not have known what was going on six feet away from her, in her own campaign. Isn’t that the argument that will be trotted out?

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