After spate of frozen pipes, Lanesboro wants residents to let faucets drip and city will cover the cost

With at least 20 homes already plagued by frozen pipes this winter, the city of Lanesboro, in southern Minnesota, is asking residents to keep a cold water faucet dripping at all times. And the city says it will adjust water bills, so people shouldn’t have to pay extra.

Says the city’s website:

“Urgent…. There are water pipes freezing all throughout town, the City is asking everyone to please turn a cold water faucet to pencil size stream. As temperatures rise, it is essential that the water is kept running. Please continue to run water until notified by LPU. Water bills will be adjusted. Currently the Public Utilities and City Staff are working to try and help where ever possible.”

Lanesboro City Administrator David Todd told KTTC-TV:

“In order to keep the water lines from freezing, we need to have those lines charged. And the only way to keep those lines charged is to keep the lines on in the house at a slow drip or a trickle. What we’ll do is conduct an average and deduct that from their current utility bill so they’re not paying an exorbitant amount for water usage.”

City officials are also helping homeowners with frozen pipes by running hoses from nearby houses that still have running water.

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