State Fair poll shows support for pre-K funding, police body cameras and Social Security tax exemption

A survey at the State Fair indicates that Minnesotans support public funding of pre-kindergarten programs, want the state to help buy police body cameras and would like a state income tax exemption for Social Security income.

Those findings come from the state House Public Informaton Services poll taken at its booth in the Education Building. (It might not be a great cross-section of voters: Someone once said that nearly everyone who visits that building is an election judge.)

But several legislators I found at the fair said they do take a look at the surveys each year (the state Senate conducts one at the fair, too) to get an idea of what voters outside of their own districts think about the issues.

Some highlights of the House fair [PDF] poll, taken by 6,338 people:

  • Do you support public funding of preschool for all 4-year-olds: Yes: 59.7 percent; No: 32.6 percent
  • Should seniority be the primary factor when determining teacher layoffs? No: 73.4 percent; Yes: 18 percent
  • Should Social Security income be exempt from Minnesota income tax? Yes: 67.9 percent; No: 18.8 percent
  • Should bottle rockets, firecrackers and other consumer fireworks be legal in the state? Yes: 48.3 percent; No: 41.4 percent
  • Should the state offer financial assistance to help local law enforcement agencies purchase body cameras to be worn by officers? Yes: 70.1 percent; No: 17.4 percent

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  1. Submitted by Pat Berg on 09/08/2015 - 02:14 pm.

    Conspicuously missing from both polls were questions on Sunday liquor sales.

    When I asked about the omissions, the people in the booths just laughed . . . . .

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