GOP Chair Tony Sutton: ‘This bored rich guy thing is too risky for Minnesota’

Just hours after the DFL-endorsed candidate dropped out of the race, the Republican Party launched an ad against the prevailing DFL candidate Mark Dayton.  The television commercial is called “Erratic” and it concludes “Mark Dayton, too risky for Minnesota.”  Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton said Dayton’s “behavior” is fair game when reporters wondered if the ad was really attacking Dayton’s admitted battles with depression and alcoholism.  We also asked if Republican-endorsed Tom Emmer could be seen as “erratic” by proposing things like castration of sex offenders.  Sutton said “Tom Emmer is a tough leader.”

Republicans also had an ad ready to run against Margaret Anderson Kelliher, but not Matt Entenza (they said with a chuckle).  “We thought Dayton would be the most likely nominee” according to Sutton.  He also added about Dayton “this bored rich guy thing is too risky for Minnesota.”  The commercial will start airing tomorrow statewide on broadcast television to the tune of six figures.  It hits on Dayton’s record in Washington closing his office.  Sutton said “You can’t have a bad day and close the governor’s office.”  Reporters also wondered where Emmer’s big media event with his party was today or even this week.  The answer was that he is out campaigning and they didn’t need a unity rally today.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Bill Gleason on 08/11/2010 - 02:50 pm.

    Maybe Emmer could have a unity rally with running mate Annette Meeks?

    Is he returning her phone calls lately and has the serious tension dissipated? Has Meeks gotten over her feelings about the Lieutenant Governor position being a waste of time?

    Maybe the next Emmer ad could include Meeks to demonstrate this unity?

  2. Submitted by Sharon Anderson on 08/12/2010 - 07:14 am.

    When politicans attack on personal levels it may backfire, Both Dayton and Emmer have drinking problems__ No one is going on JUDICIAL REFORM, altho Sutton should go on a Diet for Health Care….. Pun intended.
    The Real Work now begins Will Morman Bishop Barden play hardball with Sharia Law re: MN Sanctuary City Health_Immigration _Judicial Reforms. As usual Sharon Scarella Anderson Modis Operi enda (sp) will Challenge the Canvass Boards
    87 Counties meeting Fri 13thAug10
    Sec.State gearing up for Forensic pdf files to Eliminate Vote Fraud also Are County Prosecutors Culpable re: ?
    Election Challenges Ramsey Co. Joe Mansky stated he did not accept Sharons pdf Ballot, If not Why Not Challenge the Canvass Boards like NOW

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