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Minnesota State Fair T-shirt Bingo, 2017 edition

It’s a new year, and that means new T-shirts.

What's on the minds of Minnesotans this year? Or, at least, what's on their chests? Once again, a survey of the T-shirts of the State Fair in 2017 reveals all kinds of cultural preoccupations, both longstanding (high school sports, local beer and outdoor recreation are well-represented) and somewhat new (a lot of bonfire-themed T-shirts this year, for some reason — was there a country song about bonfires I missed?).

As in past years, these four all-new bingo cards have been specially created to reflect this year’s T-shirt trends at the fair, based on careful and painstaking onsite research over several hours. As with last year, the outline of the state of Minnesota now acts as a FREE space in the center of the card. You will see a T-shirt with the state of Minnesota on it within two minutes of stepping foot onto the fairgrounds.

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Print a card out and take it with you. Each category includes an illustrated example of a specific T-shirt you might see, but your finds may look entirely different. There’s room for interpretation in some categories, but don't go overboard.

Good luck!