Reducing food intake to reserve calories for binge drinking on the rise

Ashley Jennings at the health section of ABC News notes a dietary trend on the rise: drunkorexia. Many young people, in order to watch their waistline, skip meals in favor of getting their calories from alcohol.

Rodney, a 20-year-old public relations major at UT who also agreed to an interview under the terms that his identity be kept secret, says drunkorexia in men starts with optimizing intoxication levels. “When you consume on an empty stomach, you feel the effect quicker,” Rodney said. Last semester, “during the day on Friday I only ate a pint of ice cream all day, knowing I’d be drinking liquor later that night.”

Because drunkorexia isn’t a defined medical condition, physicians have been treating the eating disorders and the alcoholism separately. Read the rest of the story at ABC News/Health.

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