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Arab Spring

Saudi Arabia and the counter-revolution

With much of the Arab world in a do-or-die stampede toward greater democracy, Saudi Arabia is looking to consolidate the old way of doing things.

After Qaddafi, Libya’s east tires of Tripoli too

Eastern Libyans who chanted “no east, no west, Libya is one” during the revolution are backing a nascent eastern political movement that is moving to break away from Tripoli.

Syria struggles with crippled economy

State oil revenues have been slashed under crippling international sanctions. Tourism is nonexistent, and confidence in the economy is at an all-time low.

Syria: To intervene or not to intervene?

As the Syrian revolt approaches the 12-month mark, divisions between Syrians over whether or not to support foreign military intervention are becoming more pronounced.

Fleeing Syrian refugees tell of dodging bullets in orange grove

Refugees newly arrived in Lebanon recount horror stories of Army troops and pro-regime Shabiha militiamen chasing fleeing Syrians through the orchards and executing them on the spot.