Judith Yates Borger

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Travels with iPad: Making connections across the pond

In the UK, the Wi-fi version proved handy in checking on Icelandic ash, converting pounds to dollars, starting conversations and keeping in touch with the folks back home.

So near inauguration, but forced to listen by phone

The first test of the new government’s ability to include all people failed this morning when hundreds of thousands, who had tickets, met closed gates to the inauguration.

‘I thank God for being here’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The line outside the Hart Building just down from the Capitol, where Sen.

Knocking on doors and looking for voters

I spent a couple hours door knocking yesterday in the neighborhood near Plymouth and Newton North, behind the 4th Precinct police station. About a third of the houses were boarded up, some were in disrepair, and a few were beautifully maintained.