Take the latest MinnPost news quiz. Or else.

The good news: There’s still time to take the latest MinnPost news quiz. The bad news: You’re running out of time.

To recap: Every Friday, we roll out a news quiz with a dozen multiple-choice questions, all of which focus on current events in Minnesota. The whole thing shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re reading this, since it means you’re probably a regular MinnPost reader; the answers are all taken from items that have appeared on the site during the week. 

And while we’ll have a brand new quiz this Friday, you have until midnight Thursday to complete the current one.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to see how your score compares to the average result, not to mention this guy, who — at last glance — has the best score

Remember, anyone can take the quiz, but only MinnPost Silver, Gold, and Platinum members are eligible for our leader board, which lists the top 25 scores for that week’s quiz. As always, make sure to sign in. That will allow us to keep track of how you did, and — if you’re a qualifying member — post your score for the leader board.

Take the quiz!

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